Monday, May 4, 2015

Cardiac MRI...again

Life is crazy busy.  I'm not even sure how I make it through each day but somehow we are keeping just above the current.

Last week, we had to make another trip to Utah for more cardiology testing on Shelbie.  Part of me really wanted to cancel because I'm just not certain that we are going to get any good information from this test on her.  I think our problems are more lung related but who knows...I might be surprised.

My remote office for the day.  Nice enough.  

It was a very strange day at the hospital.  Same test Sam had a few months ago, yet it took twice as long and it was just completely different.

The nurse kept coming out to ask me the weirdest questions.  Like, the first time, she said, "Do you know if your daughter has pulmonic valve problems?"

"Yes. Why?"  I asked.
"No reason."  She said...

That's odd.  Doctor's really ask a question for no reason?
Then she came out again, "Does your daughter have shortness of breath?"
"Yes.  Why?"  I asked.
"No reason."  She said...

When she came out the third time, I kind of started laughing in anticipation of her next question without a reason.  This time, she said, "I just don't want you to worry, everything's fine.  Your daughter is doing great.  The cardiologist is going to get a larger scan of her lungs."

I was back in this private waiting area but there was one other lady there who then said, "Oh, your little girl is having testing done?"

"Yes, but she's not very little, she's nearly 23."
"Oh...the nurse made it sound like she was doing something really hard and just a little girl."

The whole day was weird!  It took the entire day!  We went straight home from there so I could get to my night job.

We won't get results for a week or two.  This week though, we see the Pulmonologist about the CT scans the kids had last week and to see if Sam's wheezing is doing better since being on steroid inhalers.

I guess the blessing lately is that I have been so consumed with other work and other details to figure out in life, I haven't even had time to think about what is happening to the kids.  Every now and then, the anxiety bubbles up to the surface but I get quickly distracted.  Honestly, the break from thinking has been kind of nice.  

I feel like Wednesday is going to put an end to this chapter of heart and lungs.  Not that we will have definite answers, or maybe we will but certainly not a plan to cure anything I'm sure.  I still like to think that everything is going to be fine but I've thought that before so it's better to keep my mind a blank slate and let whatever comes...write the story itself.  Easier said than done.


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