Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lungs and Hearts

I don't think I will ever really understand all these heart and lung issues.  Here we are, 5 months later from when the initial problems were found and still doing testing. I know that diagnosing AVM's is tricky and many tests are required to make a sure diagnosis.

Today, we have a full afternoon.  Both kids are doing CT scans with contrast.  They tell me each one will take 1.5 hours.  So, there is going to be a lot of sitting around at the hospital today.

Sam's been on the Asthma medication for a week now.  He coughs a little less than usual but last night, his wheezing was so noticeable when he laughed so I'm not sure it is making a difference.  He has also been a week with no activity restrictions.  The Pulmonologist told him he wanted Sam to push himself physically for the next two weeks.  We are tracking how well his lungs do under the circumstances and if he gets winded as fast with this new inhaler.  I've been afraid to ask Sam what he's been doing to push the envelope of health...I know he is 'High Lining'.

Sam is a Slackliner which is like tight rope walking.   Usually, the Slackline is about 3' off the ground and he bounces on it, does flips...basically, anything you can do on a trampoline, Sam does on a 2" piece of webbing.  He recently got a Trickline which has a little more bounce to it and that extra bounce is what you need for flips and whatnot.  So, as if that isn't challenging enough, he raised the line to about 5' off the ground...Highlining.   Oh what joy fills my heart!  Ugh...can't wait for the first broken bone!

Shelbie is finally doing better from her transfusion last week.  It was the roughest morning we've had in a long time!  It was all sorts of crazy.  I was determined to find a way to treat those darn headaches at home, so I gave her some Imitrex she had been prescribed last year.  We have never used it because I forgot all about it.  I gave her some on Friday night and man, was that a mistake!

Apparently, she is allergic to it.  It was scary and she was panicking as her face went numb, a worse headache, couldn't breathe, couldn't feel her hands.  I called the ER and they were not at all useful.  I had previously read the drug pamphlet on it and knew that Imitrex works by constricting the arteries and reducing blood flow which helps many migraines.   Knowing that, I gave her meds that would dilate the arteries back up.  It took a little research but after a combination of a few things, including Benedryl, the side effects subsided before I had to run her to the ER. I pretty much kept her sleeping most of the weekend and the dilating drugs in her system.  We avoided the ER but it was tough.

That's our recap for today's current events. I hope these last tests give us the answers we need.


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