Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

It has been a great week in terms of remembering the Savior this week.

Each night, the kids and I would reflect each day of the Savior's life during his last week on earth.  It was inspiring and helped us feel more strongly, the purpose of this holiday.  It really squelched all the Easter Bunny nonsense around us.

On Friday, I reflected deeply on what the life of the Savior means for me and for my family.  We are truly blessed with the knowledge that regardless of what happens in the here and now, life will continue beyond the veil.

On Saturday, Shelbie had found the most interesting article on the last 6 hours of Christ's life.  It was nothing I had ever heard before and spoke directly about how his body failed as he hung on the cross.  It was descriptive and took my breath away!  It gave me a renewed sense of reverence for how great his sacrifice really was.  I don't think we ever let our minds go to a place where we truly imagine the physical, excruciating pain.  In fact, the very word 'excruciating' comes from the experience Christ suffered on the cross during his crucifixion.   All in was a powerful week and left me with much to reflect upon.

This weekend, I was able to listen and watch all the sessions of General Conference.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the speakers and music

  • "Doing good is a pleasure- a joy beyond measure." Hymn- Have I done any good 
  • "Do not surrender to the cares of the world" Dallin H. Oaks
  • "Family is the most economical way to live" L. Tom Perry
  • "You aren't so much in the dark as you think." Sister Wixom as shared from Mother Theresa
  • "You have enough." Sister Wixom
  • "He will grasp us as we fall and lift us to eternal life." Jeffrey R. Holland
  • "Hanging in there is not a principle of the gospel"- Kevin Pearson
  • "Don't let something you don't understand, unravel what you do understand." Kevin Pearson
  • "If you lose the spirit, you are lost." Kevin Pearson
  • "They murmured because they knew not the dealings of God." Rafael Pino
  • "Can you see the hand of God?" Neil L. Anderson
  • "The words of Christ will tell you- the Holy Ghost will show you." Jorge Zeballos
  • "Tell me in accents of wonder."- Hymn- Tell me the stories of Jesus
These are all inspiring thoughts and questions to live by and I will truly try to live a better life with increased Faith.  

General Conference is always a time to be renewed in my spirit. It gives me just enough of a boost to get by.  

This will surely be a week to test what I know and put into practice what I've learned.  

Shelbie will meet with our new Pulmonologist tomorrow afternoon and the Cardiologist on Tuesday.  She is finally feeling better from her transfusion last week!  I hope I like the new pulmonologist.  I hope he listens and understands where we are coming from and perplexities of her health challenges.  I hope he has some answers .

I have been avoiding the very thought of Pulmonary AVM's this past week but, it manages to crop up and ignorance is not an option.  More on that later...In the meantime...I hope you had a blessed Easter day!


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