Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A bright spot

Yesterday was not my finest day.  Life was just getting to me and I was short on patience.

I had a million little tasks to do in a short amount of time.

I stood in line at the post office, tapping my foot and quite annoyed that the long line was moving so slowly.  There was a lady in front of me who all of a sudden started talking.
She said, "I sure don't know why you would leave this valley."

I looked around to see who was going to answer her because I know I hadn't said a word. Weird though because all weekend I've been thinking about how I need to get out of this town...just move on.
So, I said to her, "Why not leave?"

"Why would you leave? " She gasped in a very, deep, raspy voice that seemed almost worn out from smoking.  "Have you stopped to look around?  It's so beautiful here!  My roses are starting to bud and the daffodils are up.  This morning, I just laid beside them and let the little honey bees rest on my face!  It was just so pleasant and made me happy!"

She was quite an endearing woman and for a moment, I forgot how cranky I was acting and actually engaged in a conversation with her about her flowers and then the box she was sending.  It was a cell phone in a very large box that she was sending back to the company.  It was completely wrapped in purple flower duct tape.

She said, "Do you like my package?  I thought they would enjoy unwrapping this beautiful purple tape.  I'm a country girl at heart and have all sorts of duct tape colors.  I'm a heart patient so I really can't be without a phone.  I hope they send me a replacement soon!"

As she spoke in her rather loud, raspy voice, I could see the other people in the long line smirking at her rambling and I'm sure at me as well.  As she was called up next in line, she gave a warm goodbye and reminded me to have a beautiful day in this lovely valley.

I was really glad that I had put aside my frustrations to talk to her.  She was probably the brightest spot in my day.  I wonder how many times we pass up blessings because we just keep to ourselves and our own little laundry list of problems and worries and never take the time to get beyond and on to something better, sweeter?


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