Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Weekend

We made some great attempts to have a fun weekend.  We did have a pretty good time.

We headed down to find something to do in the city.  We ended up at the Museum and the Crime Scene Insect venue.  It was okay, not riveting by any means but we had a good time.  We laughed a lot!  There were hardly any other people there so we really had freedom to act as crazy as we wanted.  There was one guy there by himself, he was probably in his late 20's and it seemed like he enjoyed hanging around behind us.  Every now and again, I saw him trying not to smile at our jokes.

They have this massive poster...the whole thing is about how insects can help detectives determine how, where and when a person is murdered.  So, we had a good laugh over this!  I know, we are weird like that.  You gotta laugh!

 They had a dress up area to get your mug shot.  Sam and I were watching this video and one of the museum workers took Shelbie by the arm and dragged her over to this photo area and dressed up so Shelbie could take a picture of him!  WHATTT?  When Sam and I realized what happened, we ran to rescue her.  It was hilarious!  He was just a nice old guy!
 Finally, on Valentine's Day, I made some giant sugar cookies and bought them a few $1 scratch off lottery tickets.  We have often joked that the odds of getting Dyskeratosis Congenita is literally 1 in 1,000,000,000.  We have better odds of winning the lottery!  Then, in light of what has been going on, I just couldn't resist getting some lottery tickets!  They won a grand total of $3!! Ha ha...

We may not be rich in terms of million dollars, but we are rich to have each other!  I did win the lottery when I got three of the best kids ever!

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