Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just Like Me

It's been a couple of months at least, but I will never forget when Shelbie was crying after an unfortunate friend incident and said, "I am turning out just like you!!"  Then sobbed and sobbed.  She had been accused of being too nice!  That was the big dilemma.  Apparently, friends today don't like having friends who are too nice.

Hey...what's wrong with that?  I wondered.  There are worse people you could be like... I think.

I've thought about that many times and how we really do become very much like our parents.  I wouldn't say that's a bad thing...unless your parents are bad of course.

I have great parents.  Recently, I was asked where I got my faith from.  Well, it's been a lot of hard work but the foundations of my faith started at home, with good parents who instilled values and character, among other things.  They gave me the tools to become a disciple of Christ. I remember reading scriptures with my dad at 6 am in their bedroom in front of the fireplace.  It wasn't a lasting tradition, but it was one that I remember clearly.

Lately, my kids have been noticing things I do and wonder why I do them.  I've never given it much thought but then after a few moments of analyzing it, I got it from my mom and dad.

For example...Whenever hard things happen, we eat.   Whenever my kids show bravery and fortitude, we eat.  It never fails.  They asked me, not long ago why I always turn to food when we are happy, sad, mad...

I remember how going to the dentist was a tragic event in my life...always!! Always tragic.  It still is.  I would rather have my appendix taken out than go to the dentist...seriously!  I think the nurse would have been much happier if she could have met us out in the parking lot with some portable Nitrous Oxide because getting to the chair wouldn't have been such a battle.  Our dentist's office was in a big mall.  After the ordeal was over, my mom would treat me to a bag of powdered sugar donut holes!! Ha ha...after the dentist!  I still remember that little kiosk right under the escalators.  Fun times!

Well, growing up, food was a big part of our family.   My mom is a great cook and would often have dinner parties.  I loved those dinner parties and the house full of people as my mom served the most fancy dishes.   Eating dinner together was also very important in my family, as it is in my family now.  Dinner meant we were all together and being all together meant I felt love.  On vacations, we would seek out the best ice cream or slice of pie and eat it in the park, on the beach or people watching downtown in a big city.  We were together, loving and having fun.  So, I guess you could always meant family, love and happiness.

I guess that's why I turn to food when things get means we are together.  We are going through the hard times together and they will always be loved.

One of my favorite traditions with Shelbie during the crappy teen years, was going to Jack In The Box every Saturday night after her date.  We always went in our pajamas and would sit and talk about the evening over some late night snacks.  Having important talks is always best done over food!  They are relaxed and open up about anything and everything!

During the week, we sometimes head to McDonalds at Midnight then come home and talk and eat!  It's been a lifesaver during the past few months.  It's really helped Sam to get some hard feelings out of his head.

I drive my kids crazy with this little thing.  Whenever they leave the house, especially to drive into the city or on a longer trip, I always remind them of the worst things that can happen.

Last month, Shelbie was going to go to the ice sculptures in Wyoming.  It was snowing and I knew the road there would be very icy so I simply reminded her..."Hey, give yourself lots of time because the roads are going to be icy, snow covered and possibly some black ice.  If you hit ice, what should you do?"

Shelbie gets so mad!!! "MOM!!! What the heck?  Why do you have to freak me out like that?  You make it sound like I'm going to die!  I just won't go!"   Ha ha the time she's done ranting, I'm doubled over in laughter.  (I think I get this from my grandma who could never stop smiling and laughing even in the most serious moments.)

I do this a lot really, in just about any circumstance.    The only thing I can think of is when my dad was teaching me to drive, he would come up with these scenarios of what could happen while driving and then I would have to be quick to answer how I would handle it.  Like...Your tire blows out...quick, what do you do?  It was all in an effort to teach us defensive driving skills.  I didn't realize how much I use that now in every day life.

It makes me smile when I think about how much I have become just like my parents.   And...I laugh even harder when I see my kids becoming just like me!


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