Thursday, February 26, 2015

In Fashion

In our usual fashion, my usual fashion, I am bouncing between 'just fine' and 'oh my gosh what is happening?'

Today, we are winding down the week of travel and appointments.  At our local hospital today and just having to review and update Shelbie's health history triggered something crazy.  She is sleeping comfortably through her transfusion, though her blood pressure has dropped down to 85 again.  She did this last time too.  So, we go a little slower than usual.

The past week, I have been thinking that I really need to call our Oncologist and let him know where we are at with things.  I  keep putting it off because I don't feel like we are on good terms right now and I'm waffling between finding a new Oncologist and sticking with the one we have.

Today, maybe it's just the anxiety talking but I had that strong impression to call him.  It occurred to me that no one has addressed the enlarged lymph nodes throughout her body. She hasn't been running a fever or felt abnormally sick so that could actually be significant.

Again, I can't help but think of how staggering this is that we are facing so many complex problems at once.

God has promised that he will never give you  more than you can handle.   Maybe if I just stopped handling things...the madness would cease!  But, the next thought comes quickly...where much is given, much is expected.


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