Friday, January 9, 2015

The strong man

Yesterday, I allowed Sam to go to his parkour class.  Staying active keeps his mind calm.  It doesn't keep my mind calm to let him go but it's not really about me!   He loves pushing his body to crazy limits; kind of like his older brother!

I'm not going to lie, I couldn't concentrate on anything last night while he was gone.  I worry so much about his heart building up too much pressure in that right chamber.  But...if he crashes at the gym, at least he's doing something that makes him happy and feeds his passion.  So, I went to the other gym and tore up the Crossramp and walk 2 miles of stairs!  That seemed to help displace a little of my own anxiety!

Last night, he took lots of pictures and some awesome videos.   When Sam and I go to the gym together at night, I watch him do these pull ups from the stair master across the gym.  It's amazing to watch him in real life.  It's also fun to see all those beefy, bulky men stare at him in awe.  Most of them can't even come close to doing what my lean, strong boy can do.

This comes from hours of training and work

This is how Sam does his push ups!  No kidding...he does this almost every night in his bedroom! 

Just for fun! 
It's interesting when you think that Sam does this move with an abnormally small ACL in his knee.  It's barely a few threads of ligaments keeping that knee stable.  

It's one thing to do a pull up but an entirely different thing to do one backwards and side to side.  Maybe it's just because I'm his mom but this really amazes me!

When I watch Sam do these things, I can't help but remember how blessed he really is, we really are.  He doesn't look like a kid whose bone marrow is barely hanging in there, who has a poor immune system, half missing ligaments, lungs that don't exchange oxygen and blood properly and a heart with not just one problem but many!  No wonder doctor's don't think they need to fix anything...He is the picture of health on the outside.  I just wish he looked as good on the inside!

He's my sweet 16 year old and I feel really fortunate to be his mom!


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