Thursday, January 22, 2015


Yesterday was IVIG day for Shelbie.

It wasn't a horrible day, in fact she was awake most of the morning and a little towards the end of her transfusion so that was different for her.  It took much longer and I'm not sure why.  We got there at the crack of dawn, before the crack of dawn in fact.  It did take a few tries to get the IV started so that may have accounted for the longer day.

It was weird having Sam home sick while I was at the hospital with Shelbie.  I had him check his fever and if it was still gone, I told him he could come up to have lunch with us.  He did and seemed to be doing better actually.  I kept him home today, just to give him one more day to build up some resistance.

I really appreciate our nurses at Infusion Therapy.  They really are among the best I've met.  They are compassionate, professional, and have a great sense of humor that we appreciate.  One of the nurses we always have, pulls double duty in that unit.  Infusion Therapy is also where the visiting specialists camp out and she nurses for them as well.   As it turns out, she will be the nurse for the cardiologist Sam will be seeing next week.

I am so apprehensive about meeting this new doctor.  It could be because I've had nothing but poor experiences with doctors lately so I'm a little anxious.  I just don't think I can take anymore attitude from spoiled doctors.  It could also be the fact that he was the only cardiologist out of a dozen that would even consider taking us on.  They say that like we are a bad thing...I will go to my deathbed not understanding why doctors say that about us.

I even asked the nurses yesterday if we were hard to deal I'm moving the bed and chairs all around the room!  ;) (it's a weird room they have us in for transfusion, it's a sizeable room but the bed is crammed up against the wall and the guest chair at the foot of the bed, kind of towards the corner.  It's horrible space planning because whoever is sitting in the guest chair at the end of the bed, can't see the 15" tv mounted 6 ' up on the I do a little remodeling after Shelbie is settled.)  Anyhow... they didn't understand it either.

I know I was going somewhere with this story....Oh, so, as this nurse was wrapping up the day, she came and asked me for Sam's health history and the name of the disease he has so she can have him registered before we get there next week AND she was going to prime him a little for me so he knows what he is walking into and hopefully will treat us better than some crazed, tired mom, Munchhausen mom.  I think that is so great of her and I will somehow have to thank her for thinking of us in this way.

So, that's the health drama for the week.  Pretty quiet.  Now we wait and see if Shelbie gets slammed with the headaches that send us to the hospital in quiet hours of the night.

I can't believe we are jumping back into the heart issues.  It's going to put me over the edge if this goes anything like December did.


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