Wednesday, January 28, 2015

29 Gifts Days 13-17

I've been trying to get this posted for a few days now...Sorry it's late.  Too much going on. 

Day 13- I actually had several other things planned and actually did several other things but this one just sort of presented itself so I chose this one to count.  I play the organ every Saturday at the temple. I got there very early and upon arriving discovered that the organist before me didn't show up.  I hurried to the chapel and started playing an hour early.  I continued playing for my shift so that was a lot of organ playing.   

Day 14, I treated some starving students to a surprise order of cinnamon rolls!   Starving students will eat anything!

Day 15 was a bust!!  I had good intentions, great intentions actually.  I went to a low income apartment complex to offer to take out their garbage.  I knocked on just about every door on one floor which was probably 18 doors and no body wanted me to take out their garbage but most of them were super rude about it.  One lady, when I told her that I was doing a service project,  actually rolled her eyes at me and then slammed the door.  I don't know what I said wrong!   Two people, answered the door without a stitch of clothing on.  Nothing!!!  One guy had sweat pouring down his face.  It was awkward and it was only 6:30 at night.  Another lady...different apartment, it was the same sort of thing, busy doing something totally naked.  It was like an hour from the twilight zone.  Not only that, with every door that opened, some horrible- dinner- gone- wrong smells wafted out.   I just couldn't keep going.  I felt like I was going to be sick so, I abandoned the project and went to visit my homeless friend.

I guess I really need to stop referring to her as my homeless friend because one, she has a name and two, she has a place to live...So, I went to visit May, my friend.  We always laugh when we visit.  It was a good time!  As I left the apartment complex, I looked up towards her window and she stood at the window, watching me leave and waving.  She's never done that before.  I had a feeling of sadness as I left her behind.  She seemed really lonely that night so maybe that was where I needed to be after all.

Day 16- This was a fun project but time intensive.  I had been planning this one for days because it took me days to gather 25 inspirational quotes, re-create them in Photoshop and then print and cut them all out.  This packet of cards was for a 13 year old girl with adult sized problems.  I don't know her, I have never met her and I don't even know her name.  Part of her story came up in a conversation with someone else who is directly involved with her.  They didn't give me all the details of her life, in fact all they said was they felt sad that she had nothing, no support system and was dealing with some very hard problems.  That's all I really needed to know and I got busy.  I gave them to the mutual friend who will then deliver them to her.  I also included a few little fun things to cheer her up!  I really enjoyed this gift.
Day 17.  This was one of those unplanned gifts.  I saw an elderly gentleman trying to chip thick ice off his driveway.  He was hunched over and didn't look like he was in any condition to be doing such a hard task.  I stopped to see if I could do it for him.  It felt good to get a little exercise and he was very appreciative. 


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