Thursday, January 15, 2015

29 Gifts Day 4

Today, the gift I had planned never materialized because...well, let's just say the day went completely different than I had planned.

It started with Sam's car breaking down.  That took so much time but I was so grateful that two men from church had stopped to help.   I would have eventually figured it all out but having the help and support was so nice!

That put me late getting ready for my morning meeting so I was feeling rushed. The person I was meeting with was clearly needing a lot of extra support so I stayed until she was in a better place.

I got home, ready to meet my next deadline but my friend called who was going to have a horrible day today and we talked for over an hour.  I was really glad that I could be there for her and things actually turned out better than it could have.  I felt good about that but missed my deadline so I had to call and apologize.

Then, as soon as Sam got home from school, we headed out to the car parts store to get more oil, headlights, and windshield wipers.  When we were through, Sam went home and I had to make one stop for a friend.

Apparently, when Sam drove up to our house, there was a lady laying in the snow on the grass!  He went running to her and could tell that he would need help so he ran in to get Shelbie.  At first, they thought she had just slipped but they both very quickly realized that she was slurring her speech and not tracking with her eyes so they figured she had had a stroke.  It was actually across the street so they got blankets from the nearest house and had them call 911...Strange that neither of them had their phone.

I was headed home when the Ambulance passed me just a block from home.  When it turned down our street, my heart sank.  As I looked down the street, all I could see was Sam kneeling over a body!  I was so sure that it was Shelbie under all those blankets as they waited for the Ambulance.  Life became a blur...I was so scared!  As I ran up to them, I could see Shelbie on the other side, talking to lady, holding her hand.

To my total surprise, I knew the lady.  She didn't live in the neighborhood but I worked with her in my last ward.  Her daughter had just arrived as well because she had called her mom just as this happened so she knew something bad had happened.  I knew her fairly well also.  She seemed in total shock and stood feet from her mother just watching it all unfold.

There was nothing to do but stand back with her daughter, my kids were amazing!  They were totally calm and had done all the right things. As they were getting her in the ambulance, I gathered the lady's belongings that she had been carrying and got them to her daughter as she got inside the ambulance.

It was so scary.  I'm not going to lie.  After we got inside, it all just kind of hit us.  The adrenaline started slowing down and then we were all exhausted and shaking.  I thought it very strange that Sam was the first one to come upon a woman having a stroke.  It's been the one thing that has weighed heavy on him since all these heart and lung problems were discovered.  I can't really put into words how strange it felt but somehow, there was a message in all this.

I thought how perfect today was...The reason I do this project, played out in real events today.  When you help someone else get what they need to be happy, you get what you need in return.  It's the law of nature.  It was a day of helping people and people helping me.  It was perfect.

I was so proud of my kids for how fast they acted and the service they gave.  Shelbie said they had tried to wave down two cars driving past and no one on our street stopped.  I thought that was so odd.

We really need more love in this world.  Are we really all so busy, we can't stop to help?


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