Friday, January 23, 2015

29 Gifts Day 10-12

This week has been filled with some interesting experiences.

Day 10, I was pretty much stuck in the hospital until later into the evening than I had planned.  So, there was no way the gift I had planned would have worked.  So...I went around the hospital and filled the vending machines with change so that they all had credits on them!

Day 11 was pretty awesome!  The day before I was thinking about how glad I am that Shelbie is able to get IVIG because she has done so much better with infections since getting it.  Even though, I have a love hate relationship with the stuff, I am grateful for it...just not the miserable side effects.  

As I sat there for hours on end, I wondered about how I could show my gratitude.  Here in town, we have a Grifols Plasma Center, the same brand of IVIG we use.  I decided that I would make a bunch of cookies and drop them off for the people waiting to donate plasma.  

Well, I made them extra big so the recipe only made 3 dozen.  I figured that would be plenty...I mean, how many people could possibly be there on a Thursday night?  

Wrong!  The place was packed!  Crammed!  At least 45 people were seated and waiting to donate!   I couldn't believe it.  I got pretty emotional seeing that many people!  I told the girl at the counter what I was doing and she said she would have to check with her manager.  

After several minutes, he came out and took me back to a tiny room.  Again, I told him what I was doing and why I was doing it.  He asked about the disease the kids have so I gave him the watered down, Disney version.  He got all choked up!  I wasn't prepared for that! 

So, I was hoping to just leave the basket on the desk but the manager thought it would be better if I handed them out to each person and told them why I was doing it.  So...I did.  It was crazy in so many ways!  People were emotional, I was emotional and the whole time, the manager stood at the desk and watched me interact with these total strangers!  Many people said they would double their donating efforts and that it was nice to know people actually benefit from plasma. 

I was worried the whole time that I would run out of cookies when I got to the very last person!  I had just enough!  Exactly enough.  I couldn't even believe it!  

 When I was done, I thanked the manager and he asked me if I would be willing to come back and do a conference with his employees from this office and maybe another office in a nearby town.  I don't know what I was thinking but I said, "Sure."  I guess I will have my public speaking debut soon!

Day 12- When I was making the cookies for Day 11, Sam was teasing me that I always make a bunch of food but give it away and we end up eating leftovers or worse, have no treats for us!  It's true.  He's right.  Then he said, "And what are the rules of this 29 Gifts thing anyways?  Does it say you can't give a gift to your kids? Because, you could; that would be an idea!  You have three kids that like treats too!"  Ha ha...

For today's gift, I made this cute little tag and clipped it to a bag of chips then drove to the school and put it on the driver's seat to surprise him!  He was surprised alright.  He came home from school and was just sure that a girl had dropped it off to surprise him!  Ha ha ha...little does he know... Sam really is All That AND a Bag of Chips!
So, that's the latest and greatest!   Stay tuned as the project continues...


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